Jira Migration – your key to smooth data transfer

Migrating your Jira data from one instance to another can be a complex and time-consuming task. The configuration diversity of a Jira instance and the resulting complexity often make the migration process a challenge. With Enterprise Sync for Jira from Ventum Consulting, we now offer you the solution to successfully overcome these challenges. Our solution can be customized to your needs so that your Jira migration is smooth and efficient. Let us help you transfer your data securely and reliably so that you can concentrate on what really matters: Your projects and your business.

Enterprise Sync for Jira makes data transfer much easier

With our solution, you can easily transfer even very large amounts of data from one Jira instance to another, be it a complete system from a large number of projects or based on JQL queries. The transfer of data can be used for a one-time migration as well as for a daily sync between two systems, for example. The best part is that Enterprise Sync for Jira is platform and version independent thanks to the use of the Jira REST API. This means that you can use our solution regardless of your Jira installation type – be it in the cloud or in the data center. No installation on the Jira server is required.

We offer comprehensive support for project configurations, custom fields, workflows and specific plug-ins such as Xray, checklists and Project Specific Select Field.

The three steps of a Jira migration

Our unique migration method consists of three steps that work permanently incrementally to minimize data traffic and enable a testable state in the target system:

1. Caching of the source data

We reduce the data traffic on the source instance to a minimum by caching the source data.

2. Data trans-

The source data is transformed into the target data cache to ensure a smooth migration.

3. Write target data

Only genuine changes are transferred, which minimizes data traffic on the target instance.

How does Ventum Consulting support your Jira migration?

Flexible data transformation: Our solution allows you to transfer all information from a ticket to the target system. Data can be assigned according to any technical rules. Users can be assigned automatically, even in text fields and comments. The ticket history can be archived in comments.

Retention of the issue key: Your issue keys remain unchanged during the migration, which ensures that your workflows can be tracked.

Workflow and resolution handling: We mirror your workflows exactly and support the setting of fields in status transitions so that you do not lose any critical information.

Attachments management: Attachments are transferred transparently. If required, attachments can be automatically split for the target instance due to size restrictions.

Intelligent issue link handling: Our solution supports local and remote links. Your processes are correctly linked in the source and target instances at all times during the migration.

Comprehensive migration log: The solution creates a detailed migration log for each individual project with content such as the functional assignment as well as a list of unassigned content so that you do not forget any information during your migration.
If required, the log can be generated automatically in Confluence.

Our expert for you

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