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How to find sourcing partners at eye level

A successful IT organization that wants to drive forward the core competencies of its business in a targeted manner relies on a large number of high-quality service providers. However, choosing the right partners and establishing long-term partnerships are challenging but crucial steps. A customized sourcing strategy is essential for an effective IT structure. This is where expert advice from experienced service providers such as Ventum Consulting can provide valuable assistance.

Companies are faced with the challenge of outsourcing their tasks and finding partners who not only comply with SLAs but also have a comprehensive understanding of the customer’s business environment in order to offer real added value. Strict compliance with the GDPR data protection guidelines is mandatory. It is therefore of great importance to design clear and precise tendering processes to transparently outline what specific services can be expected during implementation and how they will add value to the client’s business.

Our IT sourcing consulting at a glance

Successful IT sourcing starts with a clear alignment with your digitalization strategy. At Ventum Consulting, we understand the critical importance of partner selection. Our experienced experts are ready to help you evaluate potential partners for digitalization and identify those that best fit your business goals. Thanks to our IT expertise, we can seamlessly integrate your sourcing project into your existing IT infrastructure and develop the best solution for your company. Start your path to effective and sustainable IT sourcing with us!


potential partners

Based on the needs of your company, we develop an individual strategy for you. We clarify what can be outsourced more economically and which processes it makes more sense to retain. Only then do we structure and prepare the tender for you, either on our own or together with your relevant specialist departments. We design tenders in such a way that you do not experience any surprises when introducing new technologies during the term of your contract, receive a competitive price-performance ratio and stay within your budget. Our expertise is based on years of market knowledge and we advise on the selection of the service providers to be invited. To evaluate the bids, we provide your specialist departments with informative overviews that simplify and speed up the evaluation process. We automate the requirements documentation so that we can concentrate fully on your individual needs. We also support you in selecting the best partner, drafting and negotiating contracts and managing and implementing the subsequent IT transition.

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Only an end-to-end approach
ensures success

We don't want to sell you a tool - we are completely independent when it comes to selecting applications and partners. Our aim is always to find the best solution for you. We attach great importance to a sourcing process that takes into account the operation, quality and sustainability of the new solution from the outset and considers the impact on the organization, processes and architecture. We know that a successful process requires not only the selection of the optimal partner, but also seamless integration into your existing structure. The processes defined in the contract must be implemented consistently from the outset. That is why we only consider our work for you to be successfully completed when the new partner is not only on board, but has also been effectively put into operation. We act as your trusted advisor when it comes to sourcing - as a partner you can rely on at every stage of the process.

Your path to a future-proof IT organization

Needs analysis and objectives

Thorough analysis of your current IT needs and the status of digitalization. Definition of clear goals for a future-proof IT organization. Identification of outsourcing potential.

Structuring and drafting the tender

Consideration of individual requirements. Close cooperation with the specialist departments. Definition of expected services. Comparability of offers.

Selection of suitable sourcing partners

Careful evaluation of potential suppliers and service providers, taking into account criteria such as performance, reliability and experience.

Decision and contract negotiation

Evaluation of offers and selection of a suitable partner. Detailed contract negotiations for clear and transparent cooperation.

Implementation and ongoing optimization

Close support for successful and timely commissioning. Long-term assurance of good cooperation.

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Principal and Expert for IT Sourcing & Transformation

Ventum Consulting Thomas Buchner

"Your new sourcing partner should fulfill the same requirements that our clients place on Ventum Consulting: Trusted partnerships that really understand your business and take it further."

– Thomas Buchner, Ventum Consulting

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Relevance, methods and the key to success

Die Relevanz von effizientem und erfolgreichem IT Sourcing​

The relevance of efficient and successful IT sourcing

Efficient and successful IT sourcing is of central importance for a company’s success and strategic orientation. A smart strategy not only enables the optimization of existing cost structures, but also targeted access to expanded resources and the latest technologies. In practice, it has been shown time and again that companies without a well thought-out sourcing strategy fall into costly traps. Common mistakes include unclear objectives, a lack of analysis of their own (future) requirements and neglecting long-term effects. Such mistakes can lead to considerable financial losses, quality problems and a lack of flexibility.

Companies run the risk of relying on outdated technologies, not being able to react agilely to market changes and losing competitive advantages as a result. There is also a risk of security gaps and data protection problems if partners are not carefully selected. Without a clear sourcing strategy, it will be difficult for companies to focus on their core competencies and drive innovation. This is where our IT sourcing consulting comes in, not only by helping you to avoid mistakes, but also by developing a customized sourcing strategy that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. . With this clear view, many years of experience and tried-and-tested methods, we accompany you successfully through the entire process.

These methods will help you reach your goal

The path to successful IT sourcing requires clear methods and a well thought-out approach. Ventum Consulting relies on methods that have proven themselves in numerous successful projects. We constantly adapt our approach to understand the individual needs and goals of each customer and develop customized solutions.

  1. Comprehensive needs analysis:
    We start with a thorough due diligence to understand your company’s specific requirements. This step forms the basis for developing a sourcing strategy that is precisely tailored to your needs.
  2. Identification of outsourcing potential:
    Based on the needs analysis, we clearly identify the areas that can be served more efficiently by outsourcing. This enables targeted resource optimization and cost reduction.
  3. Development of an individual sourcing strategy:
    Based on the insights gained, we develop a customized strategy that takes into account both the short and long-term goals of your company. In doing so, we focus not only on technical aspects, but also on cultural fit and flexibility.
  4. Integration of cloud services (cloudification):
    The use of cloud technologies opens up new possibilities for scaling resources flexibly, using innovative technologies efficiently and optimizing cost structures at the same time. Our expertise enables you to fully exploit the potential of the cloud and future-proof your IT infrastructure.
  5. Clear definition of service level agreements (SLAs):
    Together with you, we draw up clear requirements to ensure the scope and quality of the services to be provided. This is crucial for the success and transparency of the collaboration with the provider.
  6. Automation and close cooperation:
    Where it makes sense, we rely on automation to ensure efficient processes. At the same time, we work closely with your specialist departments and management to ensure that the methods are perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

Our success is based on a combination of sound expertise, proven methods and close cooperation with our clients on an equal footing. Ventum Consulting acts independently in the selection of tools and partners and always strives to identify and implement the best solution for you. Our focus is on building trusting partnerships and creating long-term added value for your business. Our independence and end-to-end view of the sourcing process make Ventum a reliable partner for successful IT sourcing initiatives.

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Evaluate providers and potential partners

Choosing the right sourcing partner is crucial to the success of your project. At Ventum Consulting, we rely on objective quality criteria to provide you with professional advice when selecting the best partners. Our approach takes into account the complexity of the requirements and ensures that the selected partners are an optimal fit for your objectives. The offers should be comparable in all relevant aspects. Ventum Consulting is happy to get involved here and provide your specialist departments with automatically generated overviews that make it very easy and less time-consuming to evaluate several providers. This enables you to generate a sufficient selection of candidates, even for tenders with a very limited timeframe.

Our thorough technical and professional evaluation guarantees that potential partners have the necessary expertise and experience. At the same time, we place great emphasis on cultural compatibility, as smooth collaboration and positive company dynamics are of great importance. The flexibility and adaptability of potential partners is carefully assessed to ensure that your sourcing solution remains successful in the long term and can adapt to changing business requirements in a seamless and timely manner.

A key aspect of our assessment is our independence. As a neutral consultant, we act without influence from third parties to ensure that our recommendations are based solely on the interests and requirements of your company. Our assessment takes into account not only short-term but also long-term perspectives. This includes the partner’s ability to take future developments into account and support your long-term business goals. As a trusted advisor, we act exclusively in the interests of our clients and facilitate long-term, successful cooperation on an equal footing.

Frequently asked questions about IT sourcing consulting

IT sourcing refers to the targeted procurement of IT services and resources, whether through the outsourcing of tasks to external service providers or the use of cloud services. The aim is to efficiently design the IT infrastructure to achieve strategic business objectives. The process includes identifying tasks that can be outsourced, selecting suitable service providers, defining service level agreements (SLAs) and adapting to changing business requirements and technology trends. IT sourcing provides access to expertise, increases flexibility and optimizes costs to create an adaptable IT infrastructure for digital business requirements.

An IT sourcing consultancy offers the expertise to find the right sourcing strategy and the right sourcing partners, optimize costs, ensure quality standards and increase the efficiency of your IT organization. It ensures that companies can work with the latest technologies, react agilely to market changes and thus generate competitive advantages.

Outsourcing IT services offers many advantages, but also entails risks such as data protection problems, loss of quality and dependence on external service providers. To minimize these risks, careful partner selection, clear service level agreements (SLAs) and continuous monitoring of services are crucial. Our experts at Ventum Consulting support you in recognizing these challenges and overcoming them through careful planning and implementation.

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