Hello, new team member.

We have been waiting for you!

Your impact is greater than any job title.

We don’t think much of pigeonholes but all the more of personalities who are fully involved from day one. No matter whether you are moving the future with us as a consultant on customer projects or solving internal challenges in business support – we build on each other and together the world of tomorrow.

You can join Ventum Consulting in Munich or Vienna at any point on your career path. Straight out of university as an economist, computer scientist, engineer or cyberneticist. As an experienced consulting specialist or from a completely different job environment. Where you come from and what level you see yourself at quickly fades into the background. What matters: that we do this together.

6 good reasons for your future with Ventum Consulting.

Because you can create impact.

Because you can grow with us.

Because balance is good for you.

Because you are as good as you are.

Because a good feeling is important to you.

Because you pay attention to others.

We are doers. But what does it take to create real impact? A lot of creative freedom for ideas. This requires an organization in which this is possible together with suitable projects and talented colleagues. Impact stands for effect, influence or consequence. And that’s exactly what it’s all about for us: that your work has positive consequences, that you drive sustainable progress. With us, you will find the best conditions for making a difference that has substance.

Personal development is one of our most important values. That’s why we offer you a wide range of training opportunities. And your own training budget that you can use as you wish. But what will help you the most in your day-to-day work are our networked expert groups. Discover new perspectives and be inspired. At Ventum Consulting, there is no one way, there is your way. Shape it!

Your life is dynamic: starting a family, moving abroad, going back to university? A job that puts you and your needs at the center of things is the perfect fit. We live self-realization and offer you the right environment for it. With us, results count more than hours. Team spirit before physical presence. Together we create a job that is made for you. Welcome family managers, world explorers, change makers. Welcome you.

We are all different – and that’s a good thing! Because the best solutions are born from diversity. And the team spirit that arises when you contribute your uniqueness. We demand and promote respect, tolerance and diversity in our teams. We actively make room for different lifestyles and perspectives. Come to us as you are. You can be sure that you will be valued and supported.

You can only enjoy professional challenges in the long term if you feel good. That’s why your well-being is a priority for us: job bike, meditation breaks, sport, free drinks and fruit? We have them ready. Just like food subsidies for balanced meals in the restaurant. We regularly bring in speakers and coaches to keep you up to date on all aspects of health and mental health.

For us, progress means acting responsibly – towards society and the environment. Plastic reduction, public transportation and sustainable office equipment are just the beginning. As a member of Global Impact, we are committed to full transparency and lower CO2 emissions. We’re not there yet, but you can track our progress in our annual report. Because we take sustainability seriously, we’ve set up a sustainability team to work towards positive change.

For us the bare minimum

Relocation premium*
Modern Office
Onboarding Fellow

Flexible work
Mobile work
Part-time work
Overtime account
Extra holiday**
Family service*

Additional services
Meal Subsidy
Job bike model*
Climate ticket**
Team events
Sports and Health Programs EGYM Wellpass*

Fair salary
Voluntary profit sharing
Continuing education budget
Referral Program

*Only in Germany **Only in Austria


Every individual counts!

Marie-Theres Daniels

Senior Consultant
Work experience: 4 years

In my project work, I deal with the digitalization of customer processes. We create a unique experience for customers and an enormous increase in efficiency for companies: highly manual processes are digitized, automated and made leaner overall. It gives me pleasure to leave a personal footprint in the process and to feel the trust placed in me. Internally, I am involved in passing on my knowledge in the field of process mining in training courses, among other things.

Selected projects

  • Digitization and automation of a customer onboarding process with a low-code platform solution
  • Analysis of an omnichannel contact center process using Celonis Process Mining

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Lena Engelhardt

Senior Consultant
Work experience: 5-6 years

My job as an Agile Coach is very diverse. I accompany teams in agile transformation, provide methodological support for agile product development and coach individuals as well as groups. Through my work, I help organizations thrive in a complex world. Classic ways of working in departmental silos no longer do justice to the dynamics of our everyday lives and the market environment. Only with flexible yet structured procedures can success be achieved without overloading the individual and the organization.

Selected projects

  • Accompanying the agile transformation and the associated cultural change with the help of training, coaching and tooling in IT for the Swiss market
  • Evaluation of structural and process organization, as well as coaching in an agile Data Analytics & Machine Learning department of a DAX company

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Manuel Gramlich

Senior Manager
Work experience: 8-9 years

Together with my team, I ensure that various departments work well together. If only one part moves and is not synchronized, large digitization projects will never be completed successfully. The key is to strike a balance at all levels: Business to IT, technical depth to overarching interaction, expectation to feasibility. This challenge feels like a puzzle every time, and I have a lot of fun solving it.

Selected projects

  • Digitalization of automotive engineering in the areas of parts lists and configuration, design, the product development process in general (MBSE) and data aggregation for the creation of virtual vehicles
  • Enabling a multi-brand cooperation to exchange complete technical vehicle documentation on the business architecture level, incl. Specification, proof of concept and prototype testing

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Stefanie Frühauf

HR Senior Expert
Berufserfahrung: 17 Jahre

Ich bin mit Leidenschaft im HR-Bereich tätig und unterstütze Mitarbeiter:innen in verschiedenen Phasen ihrer beruflichen Reise – vom On- bis Offboarding. Die umfassende Sicht auf ihre Bedürfnisse und Perspektiven ist für mich von großer Bedeutung, um ihre Entwicklung optimal zu begleiten. Ebenso setze ich mich für Mitarbeiter:innen-Entwicklungsthemen in unserem Unternehmen ein. Dank meines Teilzeitmodells finde ich die Balance zwischen Familie und Beruf und ich engagiere mich z.B. als ehrenamtliche Elternbeirätin im Hort meiner Kinder.

Ausgewählte Projekte

  • Durchführung von Mitarbeiterumfragen und -bewertungen für kontinuierliches Feedback
  • Entwicklung und Erweiterung von HR-Themen zur Förderung der Mitarbeiterzufriedenheit und -bindung

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Your first steps at Ventum

All beginnings are difficult? Not with us.

Before you start

We will prepare everything for you. Details are settled, your team is waiting for you – as well as a Fellow carefully selected for you. Don’t be surprised if you receive an invitation to a team event before you even start: We can’t wait to have you along! One week before your start you will receive an email with the information for your first day. Now it’s just a matter of anticipation!

Your first day

Glad you are here! We welcome you and start with an office tour. In the process, you’ll learn a story or two and get to know the people behind the company. After that, you will receive your fully configured laptop and cell phone. Plug and Play! Together we will then go to lunch. The rest of the day is dedicated to Ventum Consulting essentials, such as HR info or processes. Now you are ready to go.

The first weeks

New and already in the thick of things: While your team takes you into the day-to-day business right from the start, you get more and more involved. This is also ensured by your fellow, who will introduce you to the right people and provide helpful tips. Your project lead will give you background information on the project and help you getting settled. Our training on fundamentals is perfect for networking, professional development, and learning company-specific details.

And further

Your path has just begun and where it leads you, you decide. One thing is certain: with continuous feedback, you always know where you stand. Shape your career and plan the next steps towards your future with the Counselor. You know what your goals are? Take advantage of opportunities such as training, internal courses or in-service studies to develop and grow. We look forward to watching you grow!

Application process

Your application

Your application

Who are you? That doesn't fit in any cover letter. Therefore, you don't have to invest hours for a first match. Just send us your resume with relevant content, salary requirements and start date.

What convinces us:
The perfect resume has a common thread. Even across a gap or along a detour! Show us what moves you and how you have shaped your world so far.
Your virtual interview

Your virtual interview

Now we want to get to know you personally. And vice versa! In a 60-minute conversation, we find out together whether we are a good fit for each other.

What convinces us:
We want to get to know you and experience how your individual touch enriches our team. Therefore, be brave enough to be yourself - with everything that makes you you.
Your personal interview

Your personal interview

After a short presentation, we will present you with a real customer case. Will you be happy at Ventum Consulting? Today you will find the answers for your decision.

What convinces us:
We do not expect a sample solution from you. Because they do not exist! Rather, show us your individual approach and your drive to keep taking on new challenges.

Current job offers

        Not the right one?
        Apply on your own initiative and create your own position in the Ventum team.

        Your Ventum recruiting team

        Katrin Knab

        Karriere bei ventum

        Tanja Subotic

        Tanja Subotic Ventum Consulting

        Gulja Annayeva


        Contact for Austria

        Ask questions to identify opportunities


        We are glad that you want to make your own picture of us! The easiest way to do this is to drop by our office in Munich: We will be happy to show you around and introduce you to our wonderful team. Get a taste of the original Ventum air, feel the atmosphere in the coffee kitchen and ask us your questions casually between door and door. You can book your desired time slot here.

        Yes, all jobs posted online are current. We want to grow and give even more people the chance to shape the future together. Therefore, we are continuously looking for several consultants for each position.

        Absolutely! Just tell us which positions you are interested in. The recruiting team will be happy to recommend additional positions based on your qualifications. Perhaps there are still undreamed-of possibilities?

        We want to get to know you as uncomplicated as possible. Therefore, we do not use long cover letters. Please send:

        • Your concise, meaningful resume
        • relevant certificates or references
        • Your salary requirement
        • Your earliest possible start date

        What counts for us is your motivation. Show us in your resume how you have already contributed and what interesting things you have learned. (We’re into concrete examples!) If you have any questions, we will contact you directly.

        As a consulting company, we are close to our customers. And that also sometimes physically. So that you can get to the customer without much effort, we have assigned the job advertisements to our locations: Munich and Vienna.

        The places mentioned are the starting points for your journeys to the customer. But that doesn’t mean you have to live right there. You’re sitting in the suburbs? Or in the next bigger city? That’s totally okay and not an obstacle to your application.

        Part-time is a real and valued alternative to a full-time job at our company. That’s why you can start any job even part-time. Sometimes certain minimum hours are required or we need to schedule a little more. Get in touch with us and we will find a solution together.

        You have something on offer that we are not looking for right now? Tell us about it! We are always on the lookout for bright minds and open to new perspectives beyond the advertised positions. Apply on your own initiative via the button directly below the open positions.

        We know you have a lot to do. That’s why we’ve made the online application as quick and easy as possible. If you already have your resume and references ready, you can upload them in minutes. Psst: The speed record is 5 minutes!

        As an applicant, you are our top priority. We promise that you will receive information about the status of your application as soon as possible. How long it takes depends on the job.

        Of course. After all, whether you fit in with us doesn’t depend on your degree. At Ventum Consulting, we look at you in all your diversity: your expertise and experience, your personality and your drive.

        We value good, sound basic knowledge and the motivation to learn new things in young professionals. Because everyone starts once at the beginning. Through targeted training, the experience gained on the job and the valuable exchange among colleagues, you will continue to develop at the various career levels.

        There are no significant differences. For business support positions, who you are and what you bring to the table also counts. We want to get to know you and find out where your strengths lie. Just upload your application and we will tell you how to proceed.

        If you have an interview at our offices, we will reimburse you for travel expenses. If you come by car, there is a mileage allowance of 0.30 €/km. If you take the train, we will reimburse you for 2nd class train tickets. Please send us the original receipts. We will reimburse other travel expenses (e.g. flight, cab and hotel) only by arrangement.

        At Ventum Consulting, there is no hiring freeze: right now, we are looking for new teammates who can develop new opportunities from the challenge. So start applying – we would like to fill all advertised positions as soon as possible.

        Of course, we adapt the application process to the current pandemic situation and to your individual needs. As a preventive measure, we currently conduct some of our calls by video or telephone. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about protecting your health before or during the application process.

        Corporate culture

        We don’t dictate anything to you: You decide whether you want to come into the office or work on the move. Of course, this also applies to consulting positions! We only ask you to coordinate with your team and your customers in any case.

        You want to discover the world, fulfill a long-awaited dream or simply need time for yourself? Go for it! At Ventum Consulting you don’t have to choose between life and work. In addition to the classic sabbatical, we also have other flexible models in store, for example for your MBA or part-time work. No matter what you have in mind – we will support you!

        Within Germany, this is usually possible without any problems after consultation with the team and customers. You may then have to accept a longer journey to customer appointments.

        Working on a German project from abroad holds a few hurdles. For example, legal issues arise or the time difference gets in the way. We always do our best to find a good solution together. What often works is a stay abroad in the EU for up to three months, which you announce in good time.

        Career or family? With Ventum Consulting you don’t have to decide. You can have both! And because every family is different and every parent brings different needs, we don’t have an off-the-shelf solution here. We’d rather sit down with you and design a plan that really fits. This may include a part-time model or a sabbatical, but never a career regression.

        Sustainability is a matter of the heart for us, and every single team member stands behind it. Wherever possible, we take the train instead of the plane and rely on regional and sustainable products in our offices. So everything is in the green? Not quite yet, but we’re working on it!

        To ensure that we don’t just talk the talk, we have also anchored sustainability strategically. Our guiding star here: the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption. In the annual report, we transparently show our progress. Fresh ideas welcome!

        Because we are different. It’s a big claim that manifests itself in many small details. At Ventum Consulting you are in the thick of things from day one. While others still think they have to straighten you out, we listen to you. We let you do it. This way you can develop yourself and eventually help others to develop.
        In our team, you will meet a wide variety of personalities – even those you would not have expected to find in consulting! That’s exactly what we love: People with unconventional ideas who like to get stuck in and help write the future. So come as you are. As a career changer, graduate or absolute professional – we believe in team spirit and the combination of different skills.
        You are certainly looking for a meaningful job. But do you know what that means for you concretely? At Ventum Consulting, you find out as you explore your potential step-by-step. Not for nothing is our motto: You decide where you will go. We don’t have one path for you, but accompany you along detours and side paths off the beaten career path. Create YOUR unique life. You will find endless possibilities for this with us. Curious?

        Projects and development

        We want your projects to be fun and the best fit for you. That’s why we take your preferences into account whenever possible. The project assignment process works like this: We check the requirements of the project and match them with the qualifications of the colleagues. Then we discuss as a team who is most suitable for the job.

        We may need your skills in different projects. Experienced consultants in particular also work for different clients. Fruitful synergy effects often result from this experience.

        There is no clear answer to this question, but there are a few clues. Most projects last 1 to 1.5 years. However, there are also significantly shorter or longer ones. It all depends on the project and the setting. In the case of very large and extensive projects, our consultants are sometimes involved in specific project phases in which they can fully develop their expertise. After that, they are free to get involved in another project.

        Our projects often require that we support the client on site. That’s why you should always be ready for the next trip. Sometimes you just cross the street or get on the train for 30 minutes. In other cases, you travel all over Germany. How much and where you actually travel depends on your project.

        There is no such thing as a typical working day! Every day at Ventum Consulting is different, because you shape it according to your ideas and visions – with your team and customers. You like variety better than routine? It makes you happy to live every day according to a different pattern? A warm welcome!

        Well, unfortunately we have to pass here as well. Since you have the freedom to choose where you want to work in consultation with your team and your customers, your working environment always looks new! You know best what the working conditions are like in your own living room.
        But we can tell you something about our beloved office in Munich: Two spacious floors and a roof terrace with a view of the Olympic Park are waiting for you. There are no fixed seats here. Instead, different landscapes with community areas and spaces for yourself. Settle wherever it suits you best to unleash your creativity and willingness to learn – in a team or for yourself. No matter where you work from, the sense of community is always there. Because the feedback, the helpful questions or even the emergency chips of your colleagues are always just one step away.

        We want to help you grow beyond yourself! To this end, we remain in constant exchange in our day-to-day work. Feedback from the project, personal involvement in the company and qualitative feedback are important factors.
        You will discuss whether we are heading in the right direction together at regular meetings with your mentor and team lead. You will also agree on your personal goals for the year and discuss the areas in which you want to develop further. In the course of the year, we take a look at your results together in the so-called evaluation meetings.

        Hierarchies are secondary for us. But of course you can also advance to more responsible positions at Ventum Consulting. You don’t need to negotiate hard or sell yourself skillfully. You will be promoted when we see that you have outgrown your current position. The only thing that counts is your performance and your commitment.

        A training program for everyone – that can only go wrong! You deserve custom-fit training that will give you maximum rocket boost on your individual path. That’s why we provide you with three things for your further development: A counselor who assists you in putting together your customized training. An annual training budget of €4,000. And the freedom to decide for yourself which knowledge you want to deepen and which topics you want to dive into. You decide where you will go.

        An MBA is at the top of your wish list? We think that’s great and support you with full commitment. Together we develop a solution that leaves you time and space for your studies in addition to the exciting day-to-day work as a consultant.

        Other countries, other customs! Some of the details mentioned here depend on whether you will be working for Ventum Consulting in Germany or Austria. Just ask us and we will give you a precise information.

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