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Companies that develop and manufacture complex products are often faced with the challenge of coordinating a large amount of information and processes in engineering. The introduction of a well thought-out Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system can help here. PLM consulting helps to create structures to efficiently manage the entire product lifecycle and ensure a smooth flow of information between the various departments. Ventum Consulting supports you in overcoming (inter-)cultural, organizational, informational and technological disruptions along the entire product life cycle. In doing so, we always keep in mind that your customers are placing ever greater demands on the customizability of your end product and regularly request functional enhancements. Products are becoming more complex, development cycles shorter. As a result, you need to increase the efficiency of digital engineering and reduce production costs – without compromising on quality.

If you want to digitize effectively, you have to network systems and rethink processes. This not only requires the introduction of a forward-looking PLM strategy in which the objectives are also defined. Do you want to increase efficiency in product development or shorten time-to-market? Ventum Consulting supports you in developing a transparent and future-oriented PLM strategy that enables you to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization.

Our PLM consulting at a glance

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Collaboration for digital, iterative product lifecycles

Digital product lifecycles promise more innovation in less time. At Ventum Consulting, we focus on a paradigm shift: with interdisciplinary collaboration and information consistency - from early, iterative product development to aftersales. We understand your entire value creation networks from a process-related, organizational and cross-industry perspective. Our experts know how to comprehensively link your business and IT processes and realize opportunities through IT innovations. We use the synergies of data and digitalization to rethink products and manufacturing processes. Our support also extends to industrialization through model-based systems engineering - because MBSE makes the complexity of mechatronic and cybertronic systems manageable.

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Sustainable agility and
targeted pragmatism

The aim of digitalization is to give you back your ability to act and sustainable agility through networking. This allows you to react flexibly to market changes while effectively pursuing your long-term goals. Ventum Consulting offers implementation-oriented consulting along the dimensions of culture, structure, information and technology. With our wealth of experience, we bring your digitalization to the streets (or the metaverse). The basis of our consulting work for you: clear, comprehensible target images, a common language level, implementation expertise and targeted pragmatism. Our project management expertise ensures that your PLM projects run smoothly and efficiently to success.

This is the added value of PLM consulting

Whether you are an automotive manufacturer, offshore project developer or mechanical engineering company – Ventum Consulting offers you exactly the support you need. Our focus is on the systematic, efficient and targeted optimization of product development processes. Our consulting services help you to find the best PLM solution for your company and optimally align your PLM strategy with the requirements of the future. These advantages of PLM consulting form the foundation for a sustainable and comprehensive improvement of your product development processes and an increase in your company’s competitiveness.

Maximum transparency and collaboration

Ventum Consulting creates maximum transparency across the entire product life cycle. The networking of information enables smooth collaboration between different teams and departments. This not only increases efficiency, but also the innovative strength of your company.

Optimization of the use of resources

Our PLM consulting aims to use your resources effectively. By analyzing and optimizing business processes, we identify potential savings and help you to reduce costs. This enables a more efficient use of time, budget and personnel.


We shorten the time-to-market of your products with a customized PLM strategy. Ventum Consulting supports you in reacting faster to market requirements and bringing products to market in a timely manner. This gives you a decisive competitive edge.

Ensuring compliance and quality

Our PLM consulting seamlessly integrates compliance requirements and quality standards into your product development processes. This ensures that your products comply with regulatory requirements and meet the highest quality standards.

Forward-looking digitalization

Ventum Consulting sees PLM not just as a current solution, but as part of your future-oriented digitization strategy. We support you in reacting flexibly to technological developments and continuously optimizing your systems.

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"Successfully managing the product lifecycle requires not only the effective management of product data, but also the ability to continuously promote innovation and view change as an inevitable opportunity."

– Caspar Sunder-Plassmann, Ventum Consulting

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Strategy and methodology for efficient product lifecycle management

Analyse und Strategie PLM Beratung

Analysis, evaluation and strategy

The analysis begins with a thorough examination of your existing processes. We not only collect data, but also identify bottlenecks and inefficient processes. This analysis enables us to develop customized solutions that are precisely tailored to your company’s requirements.

Our analysis and evaluation phase goes beyond pure data collection. We look at your company from different perspectives: process-related, organizational and cross-industry. This enables us to take all relevant aspects into account and develop a holistic strategy. We place particular emphasis on the integration of specialist and IT processes in order to create synergies and realize opportunities through innovative IT solutions.

The goal is a holistic PLM strategy that not only overcomes short-term challenges, but also creates added value in the long term. This strategic orientation forms the basis for the next steps towards efficient product lifecycle management.

The developed strategy forms the roadmap for the implementation of efficient PLM solutions. We take into account not only the technological requirements, but also the organizational circumstances of your company. Our experts rely on proven methods and innovative approaches to optimize the implementation of your product development processes.

Our methods and services for your success

Ventum Consulting not only offers standardized PLM solutions, but also goes one step further. Specialized solutions in product data management (PDM) are an important building block. This includes the efficient management and control of product data to ensure seamless integration into your PLM structure. We understand that product data management is a crucial building block for efficient product development and have the expertise to meet your requirements. For the efficient management and control of product data, we rely on leading PLM software solutions such as Windchill to ensure seamless integration into your PLM structure. Naturally, we are also a reliable and independent partner during the sourcing process.

The introduction of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a forward-looking step towards more efficient product lifecycle management, enabling you to master the increasing complexity of mechatronic and cybertronic systems. We take a hands-on approach to ensure that the theoretical concepts of MBSE are optimally integrated into your workflows. MBSE works with digital modelling of complex systems, optimizing not only product development, but the entire product life cycle. By using digital models for system architectures, engineers and decision makers can access comprehensive information in real time and optimize processes. This not only promotes collaboration in product development, but also enables early identification of potential changes and more effective decision-making.

A digital twin is a dynamic, cross-domain virtual image of a physical system. This virtual image is connected bidirectionally to the physical system and enables seamless data exchange. By integrating multi-physical simulation, data analysis and machine learning, digital twins can demonstrate the effects of design changes, usage scenarios, environmental conditions and many other variables – eliminating the need for physical prototypes, reducing development time and improving the quality of the final product or process. In particular, the feedback of field data into the product development process is not possible without a continuous flow of information over the entire life cycle.

Our experts ensure the seamless integration and management of product definition data across all departments and disciplines. In this way, we ensure that data can be used consistently and across disciplines – a decisive factor for efficient development processes. From the initial requirement to product recycling – we create a consistent flow of information through all departments. In this way, you avoid media disruptions and ensure that relevant data can be found efficiently. This improves the working conditions for your users.

These holistic methods and services are aimed at improving your product development processes and strengthening your company’s competitiveness. With Ventum Consulting, you can rely on experts who not only understand PLM, but also have the specific requirements and experience of your industry in mind.

Methoden PLM Beratung

What our customers say

"With their intercultural expertise, the Ventum consultants create the basis for discussions to solve complex and challenging tasks with the right technological background. They are therefore a decisive success factor in our collaboration program."

– Sub-project manager E/E, collaboration project between two commercial vehicle OEMs

Frequently asked questions about PLM consulting

PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management and is a concept for the seamless integration of all information generated during the lifecycle of a product – from design to development and disposal. PLM encompasses all processes, IT systems and data associated with a product. It is based on coordinated methods, processes and organizational structures and generally uses IT systems to record and manage the data.

A PLM process is a structured procedure that encompasses all activities related to product lifecycle management. This includes the recording of requirements, product development, team collaboration, product data management (PDM) and the optimization of processes across the entire product lifecycle.

PLM is crucial for increasing efficiency in product development, reducing costs and improving product quality. By taking a holistic view of all phases of the product lifecycle, PLM enables better collaboration, rapid adaptation to market changes and efficient use of resources. PLM helps companies to control the costs and risks associated with product development by ensuring that all relevant information and data is available.

PLM solutions are software applications and methods that help companies to manage their product lifecycles efficiently by seamlessly integrating and managing all the information generated during a product’s lifecycle. This includes functions such as product data management, collaborative working environments, version control and much more.

PLM and PDM (product data management) are closely related concepts. While PLM covers the entire product life cycle, PDM focuses specifically on the management and control of product data. PDM encompasses the management of product data such as CAD models, parts lists, technical drawings, specifications and other relevant data. In contrast, PLM encompasses all aspects of the product lifecycle, including design, development, production, distribution and disposal.PLM is therefore a more comprehensive concept than PDM and offers a broader range of functions and applications.

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