Not a single company can honestly say that it survives without processes. BPM is omnipresent - and that's why it's so important. For a successful Business Process Management: The practice-proven Ventum BPM Framework provides you with everything you need. Integrated process management for lean and efficient business processes. From the strategy to the implementation.


If you want to be successful in the long term, you need to continuously improve your business processes.

Markets, general conditions and people are in a state of constant change.
When trying to adapt their processes, companies often face similar challenges. Are you familiar with the following questions?

  • Are workflows in your organization are implemented but not documented in a comprehensible way?
  • Are the processes that exist on paper not lived?
  • Are processes standardized, but not subject to the continuous improvement process?
  • Are looking for a custom-fit BPM tool support but the market is unmanageable?
  • You have promising BPM approaches, but is the added value for your organization not visible?

Our expertise

We support you with the introduction, conception and further development of BPM in your organization.

Don’t just take a single construction site into account when doing business process management, but also the surrounding environment. The human factor plays a very important role: How do your employees see the existing processes? Does your organizational structure and culture support the life and further development of your processes? And which potentials for process improvement are still hidden in your IT environment?

„Ventum helps us to continuously increase process efficiency, which has a positive effect on our company's success.“

Customer in the Mobility & Logistics sector

We provide answers to these questions with our practice-proven BPM framework: target-oriented, individual, and in close cooperation with you.

Together, we identify your key processes, prioritize and analyze them for optimization potential. What's so special about that? We combine methodical and technological knowledge to provide optimal solutions for your business requirements. We involve people at an early stage through a targeted and process-oriented change. The result: sustainable results and a successful operationalisation of your strategy.

The Ventum BPM Framework: We consider all influencing factors that are important to you, for a holistic end-to-end approach.

We focus on a demand-actuated use of methods and tools in projects. We cover the entire spectrum of target process workshops, definition of governance structures right up to modelling, simulation and implementation of processes.
The components of our framework which we will be in your company: This depends entirely on your needs and wishes, as every situation is unique. Talk to us about it.
Our service offering in detail:

With the Ventum BPM Framework you have access to our practice-proven method toolbox. We link key BPM disciplines from strategy to operational implementation – adapted to the individual requirements of your company.

We offer a wide range of methods: from the identification and recording of current processes, analysis and optimization to process design (including target process workshops) and integrated enterprise modelling.

As an independent consulting company, we find the right product fitting to your specific needs. It has been shown that there isn't a "single" BPM tool that works perfectly for every customer; this strongly depends on your individual needs.

Which user groups are going to use the software? Which use cases do you want to realize? Is your main goal the pure process modelling, or do you want to profit from workflow automation and simulation as well? In which way do you want to publish your process documentation and how is it supposed to look like?

We assist you with the evaluation of your new solution as well as with its implementation and modification. The goal is always the same: a realization of your individual potentials.

We support your organization in establishing a tailored BPM approach. This includes the definition of governance processes and structures, as well as roles and responsibilities.

Together, we establish company-wide standards and guidelines for the efficient management of your processes, across all company levels. We focus on a pragmatic implementation of continuous process improvement (CIP). An integrated business process management enables you to realize the highest possible potential from your organization.

Functional processes are always in the center of process management.

As experts for your own processes, which are aligned to your business model, you always stand in the center of the project, together with your expert knowledge and your personality.

We build the bridge between different functional domains. Additionally, we provide specific functional process expertise, which spreads over Product Lifecycle Management, IT Service Management, After Sales and Financial Process Redesign.

Business Process Management: Our offering in a nutshell.

By process-oriented thinking and acting we create the basis for customer-oriented management and scaling of your company.

This means that we generate...

  • a consistent understanding of processes,
  • clear end-to-end responsibility for your processes,
  • a measurement and improvement of your economic performance,
  • cost reduction and efficient value creation as well as
  • the process-oriented transformation of your company.

Our interdisciplinary consultants connect BPM with other disciplines. When required, we analyze your workflows with Process Mining or integrate your BPM tools seemlessly into the existing system infrastructure. As a result, we are able to find a suitable and holistic approach for you where needed.


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