Ventum becomes world champion at the Celonis Ecosystem Hackathon

Celonis, the global market leader in process mining, organized the second global Ecosystem Hackathon in October 2023, in which a team from Ventum Consulting took part alongside many other Celonis partners. The Ventum team presented a newly developed Celonis app from scratch and won the world championship title with this innovative solution.

The revolution: CBAM app for sustainable procurement

The competition focused on the innovative CBAM app from Ventum’s team of experts. This revolutionary app changes the way EU regulators deal with the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM). This mechanism obliges companies based in the EU to report imports of certain raw materials and, in some cases, to pay CO2 levies. The app developed by Ventum enables automated verification of CBAM compliance – not only to regulate costs and avoid fines, but also to actively contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the manufacture of products. At the same time, the app promotes sustainable purchasing by providing transparent information.

Celonis Hackathon as a global test of strength

Celonis organized the hackathon for the second time, in which over 23 partners with 45 teams took part last year. The overarching aim of the hackathon was to drive innovation and develop solutions for critical application areas. The competition entries were judged in the categories “App Development” and “Use Case Development”, with creativity, impact (potential benefit) and feasibility (practicability for the customer) being the decisive criteria. Team Ventum came out on top against numerous other teams with the CBAM app in the “App Development” category.

The regional EMEA preliminary round took place at the beginning of October. During the virtual hackathon day, the team worked intensively on the application under the guidance of a mentor from Celonis. The results were presented to a regional jury at the end of the day. The regional winners from EMEA, Asia and the Americas then competed against each other in the global final. The team results were again pitched in front of a high-caliber jury. The winners were finally announced and awarded at the Partner Summit at Celosphere in November.

Celonis Hackathon Pokal

The milestone victory: a win for us and our customers

Success at the Celonis Ecosystem Hackathon is more than just an award for Ventum Consulting – it marks a milestone in our mission to develop innovative solutions that create real value for our clients. The win demonstrates not only the technological expertise of our team, but also our commitment to always be at the forefront of digital transformation. With the CBAM app, not only have we won as a company, but our customers also benefit in the long term from the ability to continuously and automatically check their CBAM compliance and meet the requirements.

Our in-depth understanding of the Celonis platform enables us to analyze and optimize your business processes down to the smallest detail. Our expertise enables the development of innovative and customized solutions in the Celonis ecosystem. This not only leads to a significant increase in efficiency and productivity, but also reduces costs by precisely identifying weak points and improving inefficient processes. This gives you a real competitive advantage and positions you at the forefront of digital transformation.

Our expert for you

Matthias Fink

Manager at Ventum Consulting, hackathon world champion and process mining expert

Matthias Fink Ventum Consulting
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