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Women’s power in IT

In the ever-growing jungle of digital products, software proves to be particularly successful if it is quickly understood by the users and is user-friendly to operate. User-Centered Design helps software designers consider user needs in the design process.

Michela Bassan Ventum Consulting

IT consulting offers us the opportunity not only to be part of the change, but to actively shape it.”

– Michela Basan, Ventum Consulting

As a woman, I have consciously chosen the path to IT consulting. My motto is: Think without limits and dare something. After graduating from high school in Italy, I left my familiar surroundings and entered unknown territory – both culturally and professionally. I grew from the challenges that come with being different and working in a male-dominated field. Today, I want to share my story and inspire other women to pursue their career goals in IT. With courage, confidence and determination, there are no limits for you.

Women’s power in IT consulting means not only advancing oneself, but also being a role model for others.”

– Xenia Polikhovskaja, Ventum Consulting

When I think about work-life balance in consulting, for me it’s all about having time for the things that are important to me. For many women, that can mean time with their family and children. For me personally, it means taking time for my interests, social engagement, family, friends or exploring the world. To make this possible, support and acceptance from the company is crucial. For example, through organised part-time models or sabbaticals. Before you start: Decide what is important to you and what you want to dedicate your time to. Be authentic and take care of yourself.

Xenia Polikhovskaja Ventum Consulting

If one asks in the development project about the involvement of users in the design process, their actual involvement is often overestimated. Too often, in the diversity of the daily tasks of the user:inside, the user:inside is pushed into the background. Instead, development is driven by tight schedules, strategic considerations and supposedly optimized use of resources – maximizing functionality in the shortest possible time while avoiding further use of resources. Then a prototype is created that has some functionality but little to no real excitement factors. Such systems can be found in every company and no user:in is happy that they are there.

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