One hype is gone. The next one starts. Yesterday: Lean – today: Industry 4.0. If you want to be competitive long-term, focus on interacting production technology. However, there is often a lack of holistic approach, knowledge of Industry 4.0 applications and a stable IT architecture.


Products communicate autonomous with each other, with people and machines. This is the future.

Ambitious targets – every year. How to achieve the next 10 % increase in productivity? How to halve throughput time? How to maximize right-first-time quotas? The potentials of Industry 4.0 seem to be key: Individual. Fast. Feasible. But do you have a clear vision of Industry 4.0 for your company? It is no longer sufficient to produce high quality products in a lean way. A deep understanding of your own product is necessary. On the one hand to recognize new optimization potentials in production and on the other hand to meet the customer requirements for customizable products. Using the right technologies and tools tailored to your company will sustainably increase the flexibility of your production lines - with maximum cost efficiency. Are you ready?

Our expertise

If you want to raise the potential for overall optimization of production, you need to know where you are today.

„Without the modernization of organizational processes, there is no attainable vision of Industry 4.0. So, put an end to manual paperwork and isolated IT-islands in manufacturing.“

Right approach. Big picture. Concrete implementation.

Perfect integration of business and IT is needed to translate the vision of Industry 4.0 into reality. In cooperative dialogue, we develop tailormade solutions to minimize waste in your production processes. Our readiness check leads you to individual possibilities of interactive production technology. Based on this our experts develop the best suited digital agenda for your production.

Industrie 4.0 stages of evolution: For the modernization and transformation of your production processes, Industry 4.0 application scenarios tailored to your individual needs are key to success.

No matter what result your readiness check shows, no matter of your level of modernization you start with: initiate the transformation now. We show you how.

A well-equipped machinery. Next to it: an outdated, manual inventory control system from the 90's. Developing a database for process optimization is tedious, elaborate and time-consuming. Sounds familiar? In this case you are in the same situation as one of our clients. As a family-owned metalworking company, its primary concern was the replacement of the outdated inventory control system and the establishment of a central data acquisition system. Finally being able to combine order-related information and machine data ensured consistent availability of information along the value-creation chain. Thus reducing order lead time by 15%.

There are hardly any products, components or machines that don’t have sensors or actuators. Big Data. Business standard for one of our automotive OEM’s. Generating, collecting and aggregating new data in the manufacturing process has never been easier.

Using BI tools and analytical evaluation methods detected unexpectedly high deviations in the sequence order between prefabrication, painting and assembly. Our solution was the coupling of product and process information. Thus, all relevant interfaces have access to success-critical data on the condition of a product at any time. Causes of errors in the sequence are now mapped in real time and corrected immediately. Sequence order faults reduced by 25%.

A central data management system in production: already in use. Building an integration platform for the various data suppliers along the value-creation chain: the big challenge. It was the next logical step for our client to further optimize their production processes. Machines that communicate with each other and with people almost in real time via defined interfaces and protocols are key to achieving noticeable increases in efficiency. The result achieved by the client included completely new business processes as well as the introduction of a cloud platform. Through real-time data exchange, the machines can respond to defects or other events. They can independently increase or slow down the clock rate for a coordinated production flow.

Industry 4.0: Our services in a nutshell.

The continuous improvement of your production processes requires the perfect integration of business and IT.

  • We identify your central Industry 4.0 Use Cases and analyse your requirements
  • We will develop your digital agenda for noticeable increases in efficiency in your production
  • We ensure the introduction of necessary basic infrastructure and data analysis tools
  • We enhance digital networking in your production

To get the most out of Vision Industry 4.0 and to succeed with your own digitization strategy for production, start to think holistic now. This includes the recruitment of the best digital talents, the establishment of a pure digital culture and the solution of critical issues in information security.


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