Virtual development stages are checked for data consistency, collisions, and completeness to reduce costly changes in the development process. The constantly changing product data and the presence of different systems complicate the standardized processing of data errors. Many system breaks, manual processing steps and high coordination efforts are the result. The solution: a lightweight, end-to-end solution with direct CAD data integration.

  • Avoid system breaks
  • Work on the latest data status through direct CAD data integration
  • Improved communication between process partners
  • Transparency about process progress


Form the bridge between IT, department and development partner.

Our customer is a globally operating company in the automotive industry and one of the largest commercial enterprises in germany. To enable the requirements of a continuous, virtual geometry validation process, the solution needs to be controlled from requirements to implementation. The challenge: The integration of different departments, new technology (Teamcenter Active Workspace) and the different expectations of functionality and user-friendliness of the solution.

Your expert


Agility and the establishment of transparent, open communication.

The agile approach with offshore development requires a structured onsite control. Here, the focus is on integrating the various teams - both on the customer side and on the integrator side. With our expertise in agile and project management we can successfully take on this role.
The field of tension of the dynamic requirements of the department and the existing conditions of the purchased solution is coordinated and controlled by workshops. Always in the technical exchange with you and on the basis of clear, transparent communication.

Customer value

Implementation of a consistent and user-friendly validation platform.

With the introduction of a leaner platform, an end-to-end validation process was established. The results were reduced documentation errors, a consistent workflow for all stakeholders, and improved communication with our customers. The resulting transparency has enabled our customers to change their requirements during the course of the project.


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