Worldwide expansion with intensive growth, increasing requirements due to international compliance and organizational challenges; together with our customer, we were able to meet these challenges with added value.

Together, we generated solutions for the most important topics:

  • Development of the BPM concept and its implementation for the global, process-oriented service organization
  • BPM, EAM and governance setup, international rollout including tooling
  • Interim management for the ramp-up of new teams and organizational areas
  • Coaching of executives, team leaders and special departments


How do you stabilize a departmental and organizational culture in a fast-growing global corporation?

Our customer is the world's leading e-payment provider for online and offline payment solutions, POS and fulfillment. With its 5.000 employees, the company had keep pace with the pressure of worldwide digitizing payment systems. Initially we encountered a system and process landscape that had grown without consistent planning over the years. In most areas, the existing structure depended heavily on a small number of experts that have built up, scaled and stabilized the company for more than 10 years. Recently, teams were growing rapidly across rooms, buildings, national borders and even continents. Accordingly, coordination and communication as a driving force in day-to-day business was becoming increasingly important. New solutions on a high level international cooperation required to enable results that often before had been achieved "on foot" and by personal relationships.


Internationalization of companies - it's in our DNA.

Our Ventum experts from the ITSM, BPM, EAM and PM departments set up a task force and assisted the client on a direct departmental and management level. We started of the collaboration in the areas of BPM and Customer Service, which beforehand had been identified as particularly critical. Due to a clear focus on the end customer and the unique selling proposition, "We fit your business", each month more and more shops, retailers and portal operators choose the company as their provider of tailor-made payment and banking.
A comprehensive picture of the present BPM landscape with its day to day content was created within a short time, which was then extended to include the aspects of sales, compliance, payout and risk.
After a little less than a year, we synchronized the results with the CRM team's roadmap, which served as the central basis for all customer processes being part of the internationalization of the payment provider. To be optimally positioned in terms of personnel, we also took on several positions as interim team leaders, agile coaches, technical experts and trainers. To this end, we ensured that the implementation of CRM processes would be an exact picture of the actual workflows. Thus, we guaranteed the appropriate acceptance on all working levels and reduced the amount of time required for the transition between the two systems.

Customer value

Passion for best performance.

From the very beginning, we focused on the core of the company: "Worldclass Service". This was the guideline for both the development of the BPM department and the structuring of the appropriate service concept. Both challenges were met holistically through combining best practices from EAM, ITSM and PM. In addition, we helped leverage further value by integrating our expertise in the areas of identity and access management, configuration and release management. By driving consistent agility, our customer experienced greater momentum and improved outcomes that best support their daily and future business.
We are an internationally experienced partner with extensive project experience in corporate integration, new sites development and international projects in the automotive, finance, insurance, digital goods and IT services sectors. Our specialist knowledge is completed by concrete IT and management tools and a resilient network. Through a strong and focused teamwork, we ensure optimal integration, knowledge transfer and documentation - worldwide.


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