Switching the main IT service provider for a large-scale corporation is a highly complex and risky project. The foundation of a successful transition project is a transition plan aligning many stakeholders with a wide range of interests.

  • Transition of 450 corporate applications without a single rollback
  • Completion within 1,5 years - a new record for our client
  • Future-proof documentation of all Cis
  • Enablement of the service provider in regards to process quality

In-time adjustment of control with virtually no downtime and including all production critical applications.

Our customer, a leading utility vehicle producer with a multitude of worldwide locations, awarded their corporate IT to a new outsourcing partner. The packages to be delivered included SAP operations, a network, datacenter, security, web applications & web security. The transition had to be completed within 18 months, while a previous transition of the same services took over four years. Apart from this ambitious timeframe, production critical applications had to be transitioned from one datacenter to another without any negative impact or delays.


It's much more than project management: Delivering projects the Ventum way.

After advising our customer regarding their underlying sourcing strategy, Ventum was the obvious choice to deliver the transition. Our technical know-how enabled us to avoid common pitfalls when developing marketable services and assured that the signed contract included the guidelines for a successful transition. The intimate knowledge of the IT at hand allowed us to build a simple technical solution for another common problem: a fundamental lack of documentation and transparency, especially regarding the application landscape. This database comes with a hassle-free update process that already lays the foundation for future sourcing endeavors.

Customer Value

From start to finish in 18 months.

  • Successful completion of the transition within 1,5 years
  • Virtually no unplanned downtime
  • Active communication and reporting of transition progress, as well as early discovery of potential project risks
  • Comprehensive documentation of the complete IT landscape

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