Data protection within the EU is consistently governed since May 25th, 2018. The new, challenging EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is binding for all companies worldwide that process data within or from the EU.
From 2017, Ventum Consulting has developed a solution portfolio and provides experts for implementation and optimization of data protection related processes and workflows management systems as well as governance, risk- and compliance standards. Utilizing our know-how, we deliver tailor-made solutions for any kind of business – Enterprise, SMB, Non-Profits and Societies.
Within the next years, EU regulatory in terms of data protection will gain momentum – the rPrivacy regulation is coming in 2019 and will govern all electronic data processing within the entire EU domestic market.


What is your company's status regarding the GDPR requirements?

  • Which business processes have already been documented?
  • Do these documented processes really reflect the reality of what is happening?
  • Can you ensure the continuous improvement of your processes?
  • Have you considered all business processes that process personal data?
  • Can you respond to requests for information from customers, former business partners and authorities within the specified periods?
  • Can you deliver on the "right to be forgotten"? Are you sure that you can comply with a request to delete data? Does this include your old data backups from a few years past?
  • Can you make sure that a data breach can be reported to the authorities within 72 hours, even when there are more than two public holidays, while nobody is in the Office?

Our expertise

We enable GDPR compliance.

As experts for governance, risk, compliance, IT processes and business continuity, we know which technologies will help you and your business to comply with the GDPR. Together with us, your company will not only master the challenges of GDPR, you will gain value from optimized business processes, applications and systems and start a momentum for a compliant future.

Take control – GDPR is your chance! Realize what you wanted to achieve for a long time:

Accomplished Data Security – create the foundation, take right steps at the right time
Working with personal data – define achievable requirements and communicate them
Compliance as a driver of innovation – derive measures and win management support for easier implementation
Find out about how to comply with the GDPR - fast, worry and hassle-free. Or simply talk to one of our experts directly. Read more

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Last Call zur Einhaltung der DSGVO

Ab dem 25. Mai 2018 wird die Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) Sie in die Pflicht nehmen – ob Sie wollen oder nicht.

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