Modern IT Service Management is the base for sustainable success. Through strategy, processes, transition, and day-to-Day-Business, we know how to create value. For many years, we have been helping businesses to thrive utilizing our key insights, vast experience and our unique Ventum Solution Toolbox.


Transparent, hassle-free IT-Operation and services is what drives value for your business.

A high amount of tickets, network overload, the multi-provider steering out of control, processes on paper… All this and now they want digitalization and the cloud. Without proper functioning and resilient IT Service Management no business can withstand the challenges of today.

Our expertise

We help you to successfully establish your Sourcing, Transition and ITSM projects.

Expand your scope! By looking at your IT-Services in a holistic manner, you can derive the most value. Not only the project itself, but its surrounding ecosystem is what really matters. Infrastructure, processes, contracting, people - We help you keep an eye on it all and guide you directly to project success.

Good practice - framework and tailoring!

Within the challenge of complex sourcing projects and multiple transitions, we simultaneously combine existing services meaningfully, create professional tendering documents and help you on the selection of the best supplier. Whether it is applications, datacenter or helpdesk - a new tendering effort is generally made every 3 to 5 years. Multi-Sourcing is becoming a standard. We cover the complete ITSM landscape whilst specializing in sourcing and transition.

„Ventum is giving me direct, hands-on support right where i need it.“

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We support your IT organization to optimize their performance and help to maximize value for your business. We work out the ITSM strategy right at your side, set up a sustainable sourcing and delivery model, as well as integrate and steer external parties. We make use of more than 10 years of consultancy experience within ITSM sourcing, combining specific methods and ready-to-go solutions to make sure your decision is an efficient and resilient one. We are your trusted advisor within business, IT and sourcing parties.

We help you on your transition of the IT strategy into transparent sourcing decisions and realize your individual sourcing strategy.

Based on our operating model

  • We analyze the core competencies of your business and measure the strategic value of different sourcing scenarios
  • We tie together the tender packages and make sure that services are measurable and in control
  • We analyze meaningful sourcing targets by making use of specific sourcing business cases and display the market potential of sourcing partners
  • We assess different feasible transition scenarios at an early stage

Our modular tendering template is your key-benefit; A proven, flexible and thorough solution based on the standards from Information Services Group (ISG, former TPI).

Hardware and Software infrastructure procurement is a recurring process. The analysis of the current situation covers existing contracts, processes and definition of a business case. This provides an ideal base to recognize chances and risks. By doing so, we create the starting point for proactive sourcing management processes in one go.

We support your tendering and awarding process for the development, servicing and operating of single applications as well as complex application clusters. Together with you, the following central parameters for the provider selection will be created and used within the transparent and efficient tendering process:

  • Necessary knowledge regarding business context and technical dependencies
  • Realization potential within relevant technology stacks, frameworks, architectures including legacy applications
  • Application classification based on business impact, complexity and technology as a basis for cost/benefit optimized SLAs
  • Binding monitoring and reporting method for SLAs and further contractual duties
  • Cooperation model for business, internal IT and application operations
  • Expected innovation and efficiency contribution of providers as well as necessary vendor access for the servicing parties
  • Integration into customer specific ITSM processes incl. transition specifications

We analyze the transition readiness of your organization, processes and systems even before awarding the tender. The operative provider switch will be steered and supported on procedural, technical and personal levels. We support you with technical knowledge and long-term experience so that you can take the challenge with ease. Our proven method based on a due-diligence approach provides you with reassurance regarding time-to-market and return-on-invest.

We optimize the quality of service delivery thru creating mutual win-win relationships between customer and service providers without losing grip on SLAs and costing. Ventum Provider Steering consists of four phases: "In-depth check-up and analysis", "Challenges", "Actions" and "Closing". You are always in control. Negative interdependencies of multi-provider ecosystems are mitigated. IT Services are delivered in agreed way and quality. Performance and cost is always transparent.

We optimize your IT service management and delivery-processes to lower cost and risk. At the same time, we increase performance and transparency of your ITSM processes. Regardless of the scenario, our proven Plan-Build-Run method ensures an end-to-end approach for a better integration of existing and new processes into your ecosystem. On top of that, the automation potential is leveraged simultaneously.

Data protection within the EU is consistently governed since May 25th, 2018. The new, challenging EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is binding for all companies worldwide that process data within or from the EU. Within the next years, EU regulatory in terms of data protection will gain momentum – the ePrivacy regulation is coming in 2019 and will govern all electronic data processing within the entire EU domestic market.

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With us, you benefit from interdisciplinary consultants that bring you proved and tested approaches for connecting ITSM, Sourcing and Transition with other competencies like Enterprise Architecture Management, Business Process Management and Project Management. Together, we will find your ideal holistic approach.


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