Our customer had to set up a comprehensive automotive plant in Mexico by 2019. Two central SAP systems formed the target architecture - a finance backbone and a logistics system. We designed and implemented the financial processes for the new plant with our profound professional expertise and customer knowledge. The result was a homogenous and global corporate SAP environment that complies to sophisticated Mexican requirements. 

  • Duration: > 3 years
  • A team of senior consultants with profound SAP Template-Rollout knowledge in international corporations
  • Close collaboration and coordination with (other) participating IT-service providers

Designing Financial Processes: tiptoeing between local legislation and company policy.

Our customer is an international automotive OEM. Their production network covers 31 locations in 14 countries across 4 continents. Expanding to Mexico was another contribution to their growth strategy. As a member of the NAFTA-free-trade area and consisting of a young and well-educated workforce, Mexico posed an opportunity for international investors.

However, Mexican legislation is considered to be one of the world's most complex, especially in terms of the local tax requirements and E-Invoicing. As a matter of fact, implementation of the credit note procedure is prohibited. To overcome these unique challenges, a resilient and adjustable solution had to be implemented.


Consistent alignment of the target architecture.

During the conceptual phase, we comprehensively assessed the local regulatory requirements in Mexico. Additionally, we were able to obtain the best practices from other corporations with similar experiences. Following this, we acquired input from local experts

Finally, applying our corporate knowledge and involving local experts, we worked together to fulfill the corporate and country-specific requirements.

Customer Value

Audit compliant from day one.

The financial integration into the logistics system lead to substantial advantages, namely faster and more efficient data collection, continuous workflows and considerable reporting possibilities.

We created impact through an elaborate and integrated solution. Ensuring that the requirements were met from day one, enabled a successful project launch. Compatible processes and the overall solution compliance were verified by the first tax and financial audit.


Dr. Christoph Römer

T. +43 15 3534220

Steffen Sperling

T. +43 1535 34220

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