In the age of digitization, the efficient and precise provision of decision-relevant data, analyses and reports is becoming increasingly important. The transformation to a "data-driven business" includes the suitable reaction to market changes, the immediate recognition of opportunities and the initiation of well-aimed and appropriate actions.


Reports at your fingertip. Competitive advantage via information. Complex business requirements.

  • Are reports and their underlying KPI's transparent and consistent?
  • Are evaluations made with historical data or are there algorithm based forecasts?
  • Which roles are required in the BI environment in the future to optimize business demands?
Our expertise

Theory-based and practice-oriented: Ventum Business Intelligence Maturity Model.

Our BI experts perform a status quo analysis for you, which shows the current state of BI in your company and provides the fundamentals for your optimizing approaches. Only qualified measurement can give a solid informational foundation for strategic decisions . We categorize your company in our Ventum Business Intelligence Maturity Model in order to determine the best strategic actions.

The Maturity Model includes 4 organizational levels for a complete BI picture: The company itself, the areas of Business Enablement, Data & Processes and Architecture & Technology. There are 5 maturity degrees, which are combined with these 4 levels to show the typical development stages in the company.

„The Ventum Business Intelligence Maturity Model contains the most central aspects in the BI environment and enables me to recognize new optimization approaches through a different perspective.“

Customer, Plastics industry

While the first stage focuses on individual initiatives with the spontaneous character, the second stage is characterized by an elaborate tactic that is project based. Increasing standardization with a fundamental and uniform understanding in the third stage forms the basis for a data-driven and company-wide strategy in the fourth stage. The fifth level is characterized by companies that are constantly expanding their business model through data-driven innovations with complete BI integration.

Fill out the online survey with a minimal effort (approx. 15-20 minutes). Deal with different BI topics actively - from organizational to technical aspects.

Our BI experts analyze your answers. The potential and challenges are identified as part of this current-state analysis. This basis enables a systematic and objective assessment of the situation.

We create an individual technical analysis for you with a documented summary of your answers. In addition, the first steps for optimization approaches are shown which can help you to increase the BI maturity level of your company.

On the basis of the expert analysis, we offer you an approximately 2-hour, free demonstration of results. The interactive exchange enables the derivation of more detailed short-, medium- and long-term actions and optimization approaches.

Maturity Assessment: Our services in a nutshell

  • Systematic BI analysis: Objective assessment with a 360° view of your company.
  • Comprehensive results: Presentation of potentials and challenges.
  • Possible optimization approaches: Identification of long-term and short-term goals and concrete actions.

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