The development of a data warehouse (DWH) is complex and time consuming. A variety of business department demands, the implementation of compliance rules or technical challenges, e.g. in the interface architecture, are central aspects of this kind of a project. Whether  it is your goal to develop a new data warehouse or to change a historical DWH as part of a refactoring project: the Datavault Builder™, and thereby the data vault methodology, will help you to reach your goals faster.


Numerous changes in the business world require thinking ahead and a great deal of flexibility.

The product life cycle of a data warehouse is characterized in particular by frequent expansions and changes over time. Changes in reporting, new data sources or the replacement of existing source systems in the company are just some of the usual factors affecting a DWH.

Which groundwork can be done to provide certainty for investors in the development of a new DWH? How can changed requirements be implemented as efficient and cost-saving as possible? How fast can you react to changing conditions while developing a data warehouse?

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With the right tool for your data warehouse project, the fundamental groundwork will be established right from the start.

With Datavault Builder™, we have developed a tool that perfectly supports data warehouse projects, is easy to use and is continually improved. Comprehensive expert knowledge and practical experience have been integrated into this tool. Here just a few advantages of Datavault Builder™:

  • Standardization: the Datavault Builder™ is built with a practice-proven data warehouse development process that fully supports agile processes.
  • Complete automatization: infrastructure, modeling, development, testing and operation.
  • Automatic documentation: no time-consuming writing of a quickly outdated documentation but access to the live modeled entities and processes.
  • Visual presentation: Business users are included in the development, the onboarding of new developers just takes a few days.
  • Full integration: it takes only a few hours from connecting new data sources to making them available for a reporting tool.

May we show to you the functionality of the Datavault Builder™ within a few days in a proof-of-concept? Needless to say, that we would be using a tangible scope from your company. Experience now the advantages of tool and method and decide for yourself!

„Ventum has demonstrated with Datavault Builder™ how DWH development should be done nowadays.“

Customer, Industry

After connecting numerous heterogeneous data sources, the single layers of the data vault could be completed in a short time. This provides the basis for designing initial reports.

With Datavault Builder™, numerous efforts could be minimized, since the development process is completely tool-supported and visually simulated.

Setup of Datavault Builder™ infrastructure in a short time: We use modern Docker containers to install the Datavault Builder™. The tool is independent from infrastructure and operating system and can be used everywhere, on site as well as in the cloud. Test environments on desktop computers are also possible.

Datavault Builder™ supports an agile project approach. Clients get first deliverable results in a minimum of time. Changes can be implemented flexibly. This approach yields an increased acceptance of the solution in the company. The IT becomes an enabler.

When using the Data Vault modeling methodology, it is easy to extend the data model during the project. New data can be integrated into the existing model without complicated modifications of existing objects.

By decoupling existing data objects or entities in the model, the Data Vault methodology enables highly parallel loading and therefore allows efficient further processing of the data up to the reporting layer of your data warehouse. Data is quickly updated and made instantly available to business users.


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