The replacement of the data warehouse simultaneously with the conversion of the central source system - a challenge that we gladly accepted. The goal of the project was the integration of the future ERP and the development of a new agile data warehouse platform in the field of research (project portfolio management). We use the Data Vault methodology supported by our tool, Datavault Builder™.

  • Transparency in project portfolio management through appealing QlikView reports
  • Agile project approach: Delivery of first QlikView reports after 4 weeks (first sprint)
  • Optimization of data quality: Simplified cleansing with new data quality dashboards for the departments
  • Secure growth: Flexible data model through the data vault methodology
  • Scalable: Performance guaranteed through the use of Docker Container technology (on Premise and AWS - Amazon Webservices Cloud)


The transparent evaluation of research projects is the key to back on the right horse.

Our client from the life sciences sector operates up to 1,000 research projects in parallel. Their products are trend-setting and guarantee sustainable success. Cyclical portfolio optimization in the research area leads the right projects to success and reduces costs.

The existing evaluations are characterized by highly manual effort and numerous inconsistencies. In order to make this optimization process transparent, a central Business Intelligence solution is to be established.

This ensures uniform project tracking and enables historical evaluations of the progress of all projects. The platform will serve as a single-point-of-truth for all project portfolio managers.

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Agile procedure paired with modern technology - maintainable and sustainable in the long term.

Our agile approach follows the consistent use of the data vault methodology, paired with modern technologies. We use Datavault Builder™ (DVB) - a tool for data warehouses developed in partnership with 2150 GmbH for modelling data vault. DVB accelerates the development of data vault models, regardless of the technology of the target database. The visualization of loading and transformation processes and usage of the data vault methodology make the solution extensible.

Data-lineage gets graphically visible and traceable. The implemented business rules are automatically documented and saves valuable project time. The presentation layer was created by our certified developers using QlikView Apps.

As a valuable side product, data quality reports supported the continuous improvement of inventory data by the departments.

Customer value

Transparency in the customer-specific portfolio process ensures the long-term success of the company.

A uniformly defined KPI catalogue enables objective measurement of the numerous research projects. After the setup was completed, data sources were connected and the first reports were published after just a few weeks. The QlikView Apps created by Ventum will support the portfolio management process and help to select the right projects.


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