Pentests – felt safe is not enough.

Cybersecurity has been at the top of the agenda of decision makers such as CIOs, risk managers or compliance officers at the latest since encryption Trojans such as Emotet: Hackers have a business plan – which in the worst case leads to a total loss of companies. Cyber attacks today are targeting more than just your data. Endpoint security alone is no longer sufficient; an auditable cyber resilience strategy is mandatory.

Penetration Testing: Analyze, Evaluate, Act.

Many hacking attacks are very simple in themselves: attack anyone and anything, using repeatable tactics. We know the typical methods used to make a fast buck and we know why many companies do not immediately close known security gaps. That’s why a PenTest for us is more than just trying out an attack: We also analyze the processes, architectures and responsibilities and involve experts from the areas of IAM,EAMandITSM.

In this area of tension, the following fundamental questions, among others, arise:

  • What attackable vulnerabilities due to misconfigurations, programming errors, or generic design weaknesses are present on your systems?
  • How far can an attacker penetrate to gain access to your networks, systems and data based on an initial compromise?
  • How can you close the weak points efficiently and sustainably from a business, technical and organizational point of view?
  • What general measures can significantly improve the overall security of your IT and your company?

Together we increase the cyber resilience of your company!

Knowing what can happen tomorrow – what sounds impossible can become a reality with experts working on the pulse of zero-day exploits, CVEs and security researchers. While hackers and cybercriminals chat about the latest findings, we understand the need for measures that make an attack impossible. However, cyber resilience does not only mean optimizing the level of IT security and infrastructure. Through social engineering, the deliberate exploitation of trust in known sources and senders, criminals often succeed in attacking via privileges that gullible employees present to them on a silver platter through a false click.
Our end-to-end approach assesses all attack surfaces from the desktop with email, from the network and data center to the provider and cloud vendor. In this way, we create awareness, knowledge, in-house competence and strengthen the most important factor of your company at the same time: Your employees.

No pattern F: Penetration tests tailored exactly to your requirements
Transparency: Complete insight into our approach
Personal: Direct line to our penetration testers
Sustainable: Transporting the security mindset

IT security is often limited to best practices, addressing known security vulnerabilities, and – with some diligence – proper access controls. But while most IT departments are lulled into a sense of security, hackers are looking for the next attack vector every day. Our professionals know the way hackers think and work. In this way, you manage to perform attacks with the same effectiveness during pentesting to measure realistic damage scenarios. Our experienced penetration testers are competent in analyzing, assessing and optimizing modern IT infrastructures.

Our approach ensures results that go far beyond a vulnerability scan. In this way, we also find weak points that only arise in the combination of findings. By taking a contextual approach to the findings, we provide you with concrete recommendations for action with real value for your company, instead of hundreds of pages of incoherent scan results.

Penetration Testing - Services in a nutshell:

Manual instead of purely automated: Combinatorics, knowledge and experience instead of contextless findings

Concrete, comprehensible recommendations for action for your company and optional implementation support

Sustained increase in cyber resilience to prevent loss events and minimize risks

Increased trustworthiness and optimized market positioning as a security-conscious company

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