Anyone who deals with the topic sustainability quickly realizes that becoming sustainable is a process. And instead of being intimidated by high set goals, you simply have to get going. That's exactly what we've done. Here you can read what is currently happening at Ventum Consulting in terms of sustainability and what we are planning for the next few years.

Sustainability has been on the agenda at Ventum Consulting for a long time: We have an environmental responsibility policy, use trains instead of planes wherever possible, and have banned coffee capsules and plastic bottles from our everyday lives. So everything is in the green zone? Not quite yet.

We want to turn our little steps into big leaps, move into a green and sustainable future and transform ourselves into a completely CO2-neutral company. We are aware that we will not save the world by doing this. But it is a start and a sign of the values that are important to us. Join us, every single one counts!

Breaking ground for a green digital future:
At our site in Munich, we have created a new home for a variety of different insects. Our promise to treat nature with respect and to protect it. And an initial symbol of our grand vision of a future emisson-free company.

In the spotlight: Tobias Reuter, Pricipal and member of the Sustainability Team on sustainability at Ventum Consulting.

How has awareness of the topic sustainability in the company changed over time?
I would say awareness has grown a lot in recent years. In the past, sustainability played a subordinate role in our corporate orientation. Then, every now and then, we made selective improvements to aspects that came to our attention. Now the urgency of the issue has become really clear to us, which is why we have decided to approach the topic of sustainability systematically and sustainably.

What was the trigger for setting up a sustainability strategy for Ventum?
For me, it has personal reasons. It's hard to overlook how much the world is suffering from our careless use of resources - keyword climate change. As a human race, we live as if we still had another earth in reserve. In order to avoid this catastrophe, we as a society urgently need to take comprehensive action. That's why I have decided not only to tackle sustainability privately, but also to drive it forward at Ventum.

How do business and sustainability relate to each other for you? Can these apparent opposites be combined?
Climate change also entails immense economic costs. Sooner or later, it affects the balance sheet of every company. We can only reduce these costs if we think and do business sustainably. Not to forget: Sustainable business models will become major growth drivers in the coming years and thus also open up economic opportunities.

What is the biggest challenge on the way to becoming a sustainable company?
Change always requires strength and special attention. I see it as a permanent task to align the mindset of each individual to sustainability with a lot of communication and by setting an example. As far as the social and political framework conditions are concerned at the moment ... there is still a lot of room for improvement here. I think sustainability should be rewarded and promoted even more.

What is the most important driver?
The biggest driver is certainly climate change and its effects. When we systematically address climate protection at Ventum Consulting, we don't want to do so in isolation, but rather take a holistic view of our corporate social responsibility. That is why we also include values that are important to us, such as diversity, in our comprehensive corporate social responsibility program. Of course, we also want our current and future employees to share these values.

Time to act. Right now.

Our vision is clear: Ventum Consulting will become a climate-neutral company. We cannot say yet by when exactly we will achieve this. Our sustainability team is currently working at full speed to determine our emissions. As soon as we know our starting position, the next step will be a concrete plan for CO2 reduction. This is the only way we can define measures and really make a difference.

„We create the world we want to live in -with every greener decision we make as a company.“

Until then, we are offsetting our CO2 emissions with projects that support climate protection here in Germany on the one hand and also in developing countries on the other. In Stadtwerke München (SWM), we have already found a strong local partner for our commitment.

Ventum Consulting for Sustainability -
These measures are currently underway:

We have established a team of 6 people who are primarily responsible for an overarching strategy and the development of an internal platform. All employees can contribute and implement ideas there. Because together we can achieve more.

Transparency is important to us. We want to know where we stand, evaluate the effects of our measures and discuss challenges together. The report should also spur us on to even greater commitment. This year we will produce our first Sustainability Report - which will then be published annually.

Our green power comes from renewable energy sources, such as wind, water and solar energy. This provides our headquarters with certified and renewable energy.

At our location in the heart of Vienna, we are testing the use of e-bikes in everyday life. By bike, we reach our destinations quickly and easily - sometimes even better than by public transport. And for greater distances, we provide a charging station for electric cars in our office parking lot.

Making the World greener, together.

The starting signal has been given! We look forward to working with you to make the world a little greener. Are you in?

Since 2021 Ventum Consulting has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

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