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For over 18 years, as an independent and value-driven consultancy, we have been proud of our successes on the journey to the digital future. Today we are more than 170 employees in 7 locations worldwide and connect over 20 nations. With our understanding of different cultures and business sectors, we not only bridge the gap between business and IT for you, but also between today and the digital future.

Ventum Consulting – Your partner for continuous digital transformation.


Thomas pushes us during the Ventum Workout.

Franziska does active project management. She is on parental leave.

Kristine takes care of our mental health.

Menschen bei Ventum Consulting

Tobias started as an intern – and is now a partner.

Menschen bei Ventum Consulting

Sascha has just celebrated his 15th anniversary.

we stand for

We support our customers with more action than advice. To do this, we demand new levels of excellence, integrity and commitment from ourselves. These values unite us and are the foundation of daily decisions, successes and togetherness – with our customers and our environment.

Ventum Consulting stands for digitalization, networking and agilization. We take this up on the strategic, professional and technical side and support our customers in the digital transformation. We are your strategic partner to solve your business-critical challenges.

At Ventum Consulting, we deliver results – pragmatically, creatively and always with excellence. No project is easy, none runs without obstacles. Our claim is to nevertheless reach the goal together. To do this, we apply the opportunities of new technologies to industry-specific challenges and combine methodological, professional and technological expertise. We listen, think in context and outside the box. We also take responsibility in networked, lively teams. That makes the difference. For over 18 years.

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Where we work

Management Teams Germany and Austria

Tobias Hirsch
Philipp Karner
Kai Niessen
David Löffler
Hajo Börste
Johannes Keim
Steffen Sperling
Marwan Muri
Christoph Römer

These values connect us

- 01

no excuses
This means you can always rely on us. We put our customers at the center of our thoughts and actions. We solve challenges pragmatically and deliver results - without excuses.

- 02

but fun
We love challenges and meet them with passion and fun. Our curiosity, the desire to think outside the box and the motivation for constant development drive us.

- 03

Diverse for
best results
Success needs diversity. Because it is the differences that enrich our lives and inspire us. We bring the best ideas together. This ensures that we can continue to successfully serve you in the future.

- 04

Brilliant, not
We work as a team with our customers and create success together. Creativity and outstanding ideas and approaches are important - but sustainable success requires identification and commitment.

- 05

You decide where you will go
Every person has different talents and characteristics. Career paths at Ventum are individual, based on the interests, strengths and weaknesses of the individual. Entrepreneurial thinking requires self-determination.

- 06

We don't
fly solo
Despite all individuality - we achieve results as a team. This provides the best solutions, ensures quality and availability. The internal career ladder knows no quotas. Why is this important? Because we tackle challenges, not colleagues.

- 07

with integrity
Every day we make countless decisions. Small and large, alone or in a team. For us, the first criterion is integrity. Consulting is always a question of trust. And this arises above all as a result of unconditional integrity.

The small difference is in our big values.

We shape the world we want to live in.

We want to make big leaps from small steps, move towards a green and sustainable future and transform into a completely CO2-neutral company. We are aware that we will not save the world with this. But it is a start and a sign of the values that are important to us. We are aware of our social role as employers, service providers and economic participants. Responsible interaction with society and nature represents the foundation for future success.

We are aware of our responsibility. In all areas.

Hello, new team member!

We have been waiting for you! We don’t think much of pigeonholes but all the more of personalities who are fully involved from day one.

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